Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1930s Formal Wear Wardrobe Tips for Guys and Gals

One of the projects I did this weekend was to produce some one-page tip sheets for an upcoming 1930s-themed event (at which I'll be performing with my dance partner as part of a new venture ... but that's another story I'll get to a bit later!)

Meanwhile, I'll post these 1930s formal wear dress-up tip sheets here for your reading pleasure - the next time you are invited to a '30s themed party now you'll have a great reference on what to wear!

I'm planning to create a whole series of info sheets like this spanning the 1920s, 30s and 40s and covering all aspects of wardrobe and costuming for day and evening for both men and women. It's a seriously big undertaking - but they'll be such a great resource for folks when they're done!

Have a gander and see what you think ... links to download your own PDF copy of the 1930s wardrobe tips are below - the tip sheets are free for your own personal use.

Download 1930s Wardrobe Tips for Women info sheet (PDF)
Download 1930s Wardrobe Tips for Men info sheet (PDF)


a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, how exciting! And keep us posted on the event - is it in Christchurch? If so, I'll try and be there if it's open to the Great Public. :)

Sharon said...

It IS in Christchurch - I'll post some info on it now...

astrid said...

Thanks for this guideline. I'm writing a novel which has a 30s backdrop. This is going to be very useful for some ideas :).

jewlover2 said...

What a wonderful blog! Thanks to redlipsbride for tossing me your way!

Lisafreemontstreet on Youtube. :)

Sharon said...

Hi Ashley

Thanks so much for your comment :)

I had a look at your YouTube videos and have bookmarked a bunch. I'm working on some articles for Diamond Dame about vintage hair & makeup so the'll be a great reference to include.


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