Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More vintage reproduction clothing websites

Clothes, clothes, clothes - will I ever get tired of looking at vintage reproduction clothes on the internet? I think not!

I'm currently recovering from a crazy intensive weekend of dance workshops, live band nights and socialising as part of the annual Christchurch Big Band Festival, but I wanted to get a post up on Diamond Dame so I thought I'd share some vintage clothing reproduction websites.

The first is Our Dancing Daughters (the title of which is a nod to the famous 1928 film starrring Joan Crawford). This custom garment creation service is based in California, and offers a spring/summer and fall/winter line of clothing.

You simply choose the garment style and pick a fabric from the choices on offer and fill in your measurements (including nice details such as your desired hem length) and you'll receive a custom-made garment for a very reasonable price.

My favourite designs on the site are the lovely 1930s 'Norma' dress (for tea parties) and the fun 1940s 'Ann' playsuit (for holidays in the sun).

Outfits inspired by Norma Shearer and Ann Miller

The 'Ann Miller' outfit reminds me of a similar ensemble worn by Rita Hayworth when she dances 'The Shorty George' with Fred Astaire in the movie You Were Never Lovlier.

My one gripe about Our Dancing Daughters is that for many of the garments there are no actual photos, only drawings, which doesn't give a really good idea of what the finished product will look like. And, where there are photos of some garments, they are not very professionally done.

So, all in all this website isn't up to the same standard as one like ReVamp Vintage but for only US$160 a dress that's made-to-measure, the value for money is excellent. I haven't personally ordered anything from Our Dancing Daughters - if anyone out there has I'd be keen to hear your thoughts.

Next up we've got an Australian-based vintage reproduction company Retrospect'd Clothing. They've got a store in Sydney but also offer a full mail-order service through their website.

The selection is not extensive and the styles are more 1940s-50s than my favourite 'spread' of 1920s-40s, but there are still some nice-looking items. I've got my eye on the 1940s style double button pants and the 1940s shorts.

Retrospect'd also has a limited selection of menswear, including some really swell looking high-waisted and cuffed trousers with the added loveliness of dropped belt loops!

I'm loving the dropped belt loops!

Again, I haven't ordered anything from Retrospect'd myself, so if any Diamond Dame readers have purchased any garments please leave your thoughts in the comments.


Ms. B said...

Wow, thanks for the links! The Dancing Daughters site looks very interesting even though you're right in saying that they should have some actual photos, that would be so much more helpful than drawings :/

FrivolousFlapper said...

Yes, thanks for these. Will check them out!

jewlover2 said...

I noticed that about our Dancing Daughters too...I wonder if anyone has tried them that subscribed on my page...I might post a similar little blurb just to see. Thanks for reminding me of these great sites!

Amy Jeanne said...

I have an EXACT pattern for the "Lana" dress. EXACT! It didn't cost me $170....(I tend to get snobby about these repro sites..;)

jewlover2 said...

Just so's you know, I gave you a 'sidebar shout-out' in my last video. haha. I hope you get some new visitors!

kiss kiss