Monday, October 12, 2009

Vintage Hairstyle Video Tutorials

Now that I feel that I have a pretty good handle on vintage clothing and 'dressing the part', I'm turning my attention to the other details like hair and makeup. In my opinion these aspects can actually be more important to your overall look than wardrobe, as it's usually the hair and makeup that scream 'vintage' louder than the clothing per se.

Put me in a vintage gown and I look like a modern gal in a vintage gown. Put mid-1930s Ginger Rogers in a nondescript bathrobe and guess what? She still looks 'vintage' because of her hair and makeup.

Vintage hair and makeup are essential!

So - let's talk about hair! Pulling off a real vintage-style hairdo isn't easy at first, but it can be learned with some practice, patience, and the right tools of the trade. I'm still struggling with the basics (before I fell in love with vintage I had very short cropped hair for ages so I've never learned to 'do' hair or how to wield a curling iron).

However, I'm very pleased to turn you over to the hands of a real expert - a lovely and gorgeous vintage gal named Ashley who has the best and most professional vintage hairstyle instruction videos on YouTube. I highly recommend you check out (and subscribe to) her YouTube channel -

Here's just one sample to whet your appetite:

In a wonderfully fitting act of universal synchronicity she's just started a new series of vintage hair tutorials called "Diamonds and Dames", in which she'll be taking viewer requests for hairdos from movies. So if you've got a favourite hairstyle from an old film that you've been dying to try out, now's your chance to get the step-by-step instructions from a real expert!

I'll be posting more about hair in the coming weeks, and possibly some 'expert interviews' as well.


Amanda said...

Wonderful tutorials! Thanks for the headsup!

Designer Store said...

wow!!! thank u very much for all this information. Keep on supplying such useful information. It really is interesting.

My Vintage Addiction said...

Amazing tutorials! I have been looking for a video how-to on this for a while. The styles look so easy and carefree. (:

jewlover2 said...

Whoa! I came over here to tell you I awarded you the 'lovely blog' award and found that you had dedicated a post to ME!! I'm overwhelmed. Thank you so much.

And check out my blog (the lisa fremont pages) for the 'lovely blog award' details. xxoo

Sharon said...

Hi folks - glad to be of service unearthing the best hair tutorials for you all! I'll be posting more here in future.

Jewlover2 - thank you so much for the lovely award! I will 'wear' it with pride!

Anonymous said...

Great work! But for the hair challenged like myself go to my vintage hair goddess, Michelle @ Pimps and Pinups in the Lower East Side. She takes the time to give you hands on tips!