Friday, March 26, 2010

Design your own Vintage Style Shoes with Shoes of Prey

I stumbled across the Shoes of Prey website the other day and couldn't believe it.

"What, you mean I can DESIGN MY OWN SHOES ONLINE and have them shipped to me? And, in the event that they don't fit, I can get them remade for free?"


I kid you not - Shoes of Prey is a new business based in Australia making bespoke women's shoes. Their website has an interactive designer widget thingy to literally design your own dream shoe, choosing from dozens of combinations of styles, colours and materials (leathers, suede, snakeskin, FISHskin, etc.)

Grey and black suede heels with purple snakeskin bow detail. Gorgeous!

Red and black patent leather Mary Jane heels

They've got a very generous returns policy which takes all the risk out of buying shoes sight-unseen. And, needless to say, there's hours of fun to be had using their online shoe designer!

Here's a few designs I whipped up:
Blue suede asymmetrical peep toe with silver leather heel and trim

Two-tone white and black soft leather flat Mary Jane style

Light green and pink heels with silver snakeskin accent

Prices are around the US$250 mark, which I think is extremely reasonable for a custom-made shoe - you'd pay that for a pair of Fluevogs easily without the ability to choose custom colours. And for bloggers wishing to promote Shoes of Prey to readers, they've got a nice affiliates program set up.

I wonder if 'Handbags of Prey' and 'Hats of Prey' might be next!?!?!!


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Ooo pretty, what a fun site. Thanks for sharing :) Now I just wish I could afford some of the pretty shoes I've designed....